Some Mice

Just thought I’d put some Mice together!

A brilliant recommendation

We received an absolutely brilliant recommendation from one of our customers:

Dear Mike
I was delighted at your recommendation of hosta varieties for my garden and I attach a couple of pictures to show our planting scheme.
One. The location was a new paving edge where we now have 3 different Hosta species displaying interesting characteristics and they make such a positive statement to what was otherwise a boring edge. We have additionally found some beautiful stones to add visual interest along with a redundant chimney pot.
Straight after planting we can see that is has great impact.
Two. The secret corner in our garden shows two established hostas from you along with 3 new ones which will become our Hosta garden. Once again we were guided by you not to be tempted to put them in a straight line and to vary the leaf patterns for maximum effect. It will soon become a very showy section at a cost which didn’t break the bank.

Empress Wu Comparison

I thought I would show what difference a year makes. These are all Empress Wu Hostas. The one on the far left is almost a year old, the middle is 2 years old and the one on the far right is 3 years old.

A quick look at our Big Blue Hostas.

Thought I’d show you some of our larger Blue Hostas and how they are coming along. Mainly Elegans, Krossa Regals, and Snowdens, with a mix of Abique Drinking Gourds, First Frosts, June, Catherine, Yellow Polka Dot Bikinis, Sagaes, Big Daddy, Blue Angel, Climax, Frances Williams and many more. Hope you enjoy.

A nice grouping of Hostas

I thought this picture was quite a nice display of the Hostas catching up after all those nights of Frost we have had over the last month. At the back on the far left is a Stained Glass Hosta, which has been kept in the shade so once I bring this out into more sunshine will start to go iridescent, so I’ll be doing that soon. Next in the middle is a Great Expectations Hosta that has reverted, and I gather this Hosta can be quite difficult to keep in tip top condition. Finally on the right hand side is a stonkingly good specimen of Guacamole, what more can I say.

In the front row at the front we have a nice specimen of Diana Remembered, next a young Summer Fragrance Hosta, and finally on the right a young Hosta Sagae.

The Hostas are growing.

Here is a quick whistle stop tour of some of our Enclosures and areas in Milverton and Taunton. All the frosts over April had really put back a lot of their development, so it feels really nice to be progressing again and seeing new leaves.

Order Delivered

Here are the Hostas we delivered to somebody last week for their garden. They already had a couple of Hostas from us in the past, but had decided to remodel a few parts of their garden and chose to add a few more!

Started the Propagator

We have started the Propagator for the first time this year. We had some small off-cuts from a Katherine Lewis that had been divided so took the opportunity to pop them into the propagator and start the process rolling. Look forward to seeing them in a few weeks time.