Taunton Flower Show 2022

Well we had a wonderful 2 days at the Taunton Flower Show 2022. We did better than we could have expected, wining the Bellman Memorial Cup for horticultural excellence in commemoration of David and Luella Bellman who founded the Monkton Elm Garden Centre, with a miniature Hosta Lakeside Babyface in a mug, and also wining best presented stand in the plant village.
It was lovely meeting lots of you people and we will be shipping the orders we took on the day this week.

Mid Devon Show

Just recovered from a long, busy and enjoyable weekend. Setup for the Mid Devon Show on Thursday, with Tegan. Went to Rhiannon’s Graduation in Cardiff on Friday and did the Mid Devon Show Saturday.
Busy day on Saturday, met lots of lovely people and had a load of Bumble Bee visitors to.
Thank you everyone that came and saw us, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Girls let out from lockdown!

We quite often get asked how we manage slugs and snails. What we do is use Garlic drench/spray and ducks. Due to Avian flu the ducks have been kept housed due to the mandatory housing measures which were in place across the UK since 29 November 2021 were lifted on Monday 2 May 2022. As you can imagine they have had a difficult time of it. So over the weekend we finally managed to get them out to our Milverton site. This has been exceptionally useful as there is a large influx of Snails and slugs after the dry April and a week or so of rain which has caused the snails to wake up. So the girls were very busy.

Plant fair at Yarlington House

Another wonderful plantfair at Yarlington House in Somerset. Lovely day, met plenty of wonderful people and had a good time.

Gillingham and Shaftesbury Agricultural Society Spring Show

This last weekend we attended the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Agricultural Society Spring Show. It was very windy, so we couldn’t put out all our Hostas and had to hide behind our sign for much of the Saturday. Sunday was less windy and we managed to put more of our Hostas out and met lots of lovely people.