Well here we are in October!

Well here we are in October, the weather is getting cooler and the Hostas are starting to die back ready for winter. Here are a few photos of some that are still going strong, but won’t be long before they die back too.

A few small/minis

Some Blue Mouse Ears and Rock Island Line Hostas being checked over. We have been busy refurbishing a lot of our Hosta plants ready for winter. Checking their roots, and refreshing their compost mixes.

Received new batch of Hostas

Received some lovely new Hostas this week from our supplier.
Checked them over, and changed several pots, and here are the photographs before and after.
Here are some of the varieties, looking forward to seeing them grow:
Blue Mouse Ears
Blue Umbrellas
Dinner Jacket
First Frost
Glory Hallelujah
plus one or two others.

Currants ahoy

When we took over our site at Milverton, there had originally been a cottage built in the 18th Century, and lived in up until 1960. Since then it has fallen into disrepair, and the site left to go. We took over the site in February 2019 and one of the things we discovered was a old neglected currant bush. We weren’t sure what type it was, but felt it was more probably a red currant, but we would have to wait and see. The bush had not seen sun for decades, we have been clearing and improving the site, and this year it has finally produced currants and they are Red. Its kind of a miracle especially with the weather we have had this year our other currant bushes are about a month to 6 weeks behind where they would normally be.

Finally got to Milverton with Ducks

Well finally managed to get our ducks to our Milverton site. For one thing or another this year Covid, Bird Flu, lockdowns, family bereavement, you name it. So finally we got our hosta helping ducks out there. They worked really hard and went over all the ground looking for slugs and snails. They also cleared any pots that were presented to them. The Hostas are coming along well too!

Repotting the Minis

In the process of repotting about 200 miniature hostas after a problem with the top dressing. Lost a few, but here are the first batch of about 40. Lakeside Ninita, Quilting Bee, Dixie Chick and Royalty.

Additional Stuff

Janet has insisted that I show people some of the other things we have been doing with Hostas. I have been making some prints of Hosta leaves and framing them, so here are a few up on the wall. We have also been renting some of our Hostas for somebody who is selling their house and had a small sheltered bed to fill.