Show List for 2023

Doing a lot more shows days this year, so really excited and looking forward to meeting you all.

Indoor Hostas

What a difference a week makes, well actually 9 days. Here is a Hosta Cracker Crumbs developing inside. We started this to show how to grow Hostas as an indoor plant, but also to what them grow through over the Winter.
It should be noted that whilst growing Hostas through the Winter it is important to allow them to have a period of between 6 to 12 weeks of cool darker winter before starting them up again for the new season. Also you have to be careful which varieties of Hosta you select for growing indoors, Cracker Crumbs is a good candidate.
Enjoy, we will post further updates to let you see how all of the plants develop over the coming months.

Hostas Waking Up!

Went through the Hostas that have started to wake up. They are Big Daddy, Elegans, Liberty, Sapphire Pillows, Abique Drinking Gourd, Diana Remembered, Climax, Blue Angel, Frances Williams, Lucky Mouse, The Fonz, Blue Mouse Ears and Don’t Panic Mr Mannering.

List of New Hostas for 2023

Here is a list of the newly available Hostas for 2023. Some of them we have increased to the level where we can sell some examples, whilst others are new to us. There are quite a few Large/Giant varieties this time.
American Halo Giant
American Sweetheart Medium
Appletini Small
Big Mama Large
Blue Danube Medium
Blue Mammoth Giant
Bluetini Small/Medium
Brother Stefan Large
Cherry Tart Small
Cream Edger Small
Devon Blue Medium/Large
Devon Cloud Medium
Devon Giant Giant
Devon tor Large
Diamond Lake ® Large
Dream Queen Large
Emerald Tiara Medium
Enterprise Medium
First Love Medium
Fragrant Bouquet Large
Gabriel’s Wing Giant
Green Guppy Miniature
Heavenly Tiara Small
Humpback Whale Giant
Ivory Coast Large
Komodo Dragon Giant
Limey Lisa Small
Mama Mia Medium
Miniskirt ® Miniature
Minuteman Large
Orange Marmalade ® Large
Queen of the seas Large
Regal Spendour Large
Silver Wedding Medium
Silvery Slug Proof Medium
Stained Glass ® Medium/Large
Sunny Halcyon Medium
T Rex Giant
Viking Ship Giant
Winter Snow Giant
Wolverine Medium
Wunderbar Giant
Wundergold Giant

Taunton Flower Show 2022

Well we had a wonderful 2 days at the Taunton Flower Show 2022. We did better than we could have expected, wining the Bellman Memorial Cup for horticultural excellence in commemoration of David and Luella Bellman who founded the Monkton Elm Garden Centre, with a miniature Hosta Lakeside Babyface in a mug, and also wining best presented stand in the plant village.
It was lovely meeting lots of you people and we will be shipping the orders we took on the day this week.

Mid Devon Show

Just recovered from a long, busy and enjoyable weekend. Setup for the Mid Devon Show on Thursday, with Tegan. Went to Rhiannon’s Graduation in Cardiff on Friday and did the Mid Devon Show Saturday.
Busy day on Saturday, met lots of lovely people and had a load of Bumble Bee visitors to.
Thank you everyone that came and saw us, and look forward to seeing you again soon.