Empress Wu Experience Present

We have been working on an experiential product that can be purchased either for yourself or for others. We find growing Hostas thoroughly enjoyable, but there are a few tricks to get the most out of growing them so we put our heads together and came up with the Empress Wu Experience!

What we will give you is everything you need to grow an Empress Wu Hosta from a tiny Bare Root plant all the way up to a respectable Hosta (not full grown that takes a few years).

Empress Wu 1 year plant, 2 year plant and finally a 3 year old plant
What you get in the gift box, plus a Bare Root Empress Wu will be dispatched February/March time separately

So what do you get for the Experience?

You will receive a gift box containing all the elements required to grow your Bare Root Empress Wu for its first year. 3 pots associated compost, 12/14 month slow release fertiliser (separate bags as the fertiliser starts to work and degrade once mixed with the compost). A Slate name label for you Empress Wu and instructions on how to plant you Hosta, how to check the roots and pot up your plant.

Not only will you receive the gift box, but once you register your email with us we will give you updates on how our Empress Wus are progressing and when we think it is time to pot them up.

Your Bare Root Empress Wu will be sent separately February/March time next year.

Bare Root Empress Wu plants