2nd October 2020 Latest update at Milverton site.

Here is the latest update on the Hosta enclosures at our Milverton site. To recap we are currently replacing, upgrading, adding and increasing the number of enclosures at our Milverton site. We originally had 4 enclosures and 1 small enclosure at this site, all based on the ground. Due to Covid and caring issues we couldn’t spend as much time as we would have like maintaining the site, taking the ducks up etc.
Our site is triangular in shape and is bounded by a council road on 1 site, a field on the other and a bi-way next to 25 acres of ancient woodland. We don’t use any slug pellets or chemicals and the fields and woods generate some monster slugs!
We originally had 2 Khaki Campbells (very small) ducks but they were struggling with the bigger stuff. So last year we purchased 2 Buff Orpingtons from a breeder near Lincoln, these are bigger and stronger ducks for the bigger stuff. Janet specifically wanted those ducks because they are beautiful and almost golden in colour. It was an epic journey getting them, but still don’t regret it.
Anyway back to the upgrades, the new enclosures are off the ground (based on pallet tables) to ease our back, reduce the slug/snail issues and allow the ducks to run underneath them. (Would you believe it ducks like eating Hosta leafs, not good for them but hey ho!)
We have increased our enclosure numbers from 5 to 8 and increased the sizes of them. I reckon we have increased our enclosure coverage by 3 to 4 times. All in preparation for receiving our new stock this Autumn.
Got some pictures for you, but will have to add more as some of the site has already changed since these were taken a day or 2 ago.

21st September 2020

Busy weekend, spent the Saturday taking my eldest back to University, busy on the M5 and in Cardiff. Took about an hour to off load her stuff and then quick dash out.
Spent the Sunday upgrading enclosures and checking the 200 plus Hostas that was in the old enclosure. I should comment that I didn’t do that alone, Janet and Tegan dealt with the Hostas whilst I did the enclosure work. We have 2 enclosures left to upgrade and then the creation of 3 new enclosures for the additional stock we are hoping to bring in over this Autumn and winter, this should increase the space for Hostas at our Milverton site by between double and triple its previous amount.
Anyway whilst working this morning captured a few photographs for you to see with the dew.

September 17th Beginning of Autumn

Well things are starting to feel like Autumn now. Several of the Hostas are showing signs the Captain Kirks, Praying Hands, Whirlwinds, and a lot of the Elegans’ are getting ready.

The leafs of our trees at our Milverton site are starting to drop and our Apples are about 2 to 3 weeks earlier than normal.

September 16th What’s in the Propagator

An update on what will be our last rotation in the propagator for this season:
18 Patriots (Plus 1 really tiny one which seems to be doing well)
7 Mrs Minky ( I reckon 3 may not come to much but giving them a chance)
1 Krossa Regal (Very small just building up)
1 Geisha
1 Blue Mouse Ears (Small and building up)
1 Little Wonder (Need a bit of support time – more roots and leafs)
1 Hush Puppie (A bit like the Little Wonder here)
Will do some pictures soon.

September 14th Milverton Site Upgrades

As you know we have been working hard over the last few weeks upgrading the enclosures for the Hostas at our Milverton site. So I have attached some before and after pictures to give you some idea.
We originally had some enclosures on the ground with membrane on the ground and shade netting to protect the plants.
We have been creating pallet tables to lift them off the ground and doubling our capacity for Hostas ready for the new arrivals coming over the next few months.
An additional advantage of the tables is to allow the ducks to range underneath the Hostas looking for any tasty morcels that may snack on our plants.