Competition Time!

We are running a little competition this year. The first person that can send us a picture of their Hosta with 2 leaves open will win a prize, a Hosta from our available collection delivered free of charge. Please note we cannot currently ship to Northern Ireland or Europe, but we will arrange for a suitable alternative to be delivered.

About 30 of our varieties have woken up and are showing signs of life. Several of our Miniatures are streaking ahead, but lots of the large varieties have definitely started growing – Firn Lines, Guacamoles, Devon Greens, Halcyon, Blazing Saddles, Hadspen Blue, Blue Cadets, and so on.

Finished the Hosta List for the start of the Season 2021.

Have managed to complete the initial Hosta list for 2021. We have 75 varieties available for sale, the beginning of 2020 we had 20 varieties and finished the season with 45 available for sale.

We currently hold 130 varieties of Hostas, and will look to make more available for sale as we increase the stock levels of them. We will be changing the photographs for several of them and increasing the information available for each of them throughout the year.

Thanks Mike

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope that you have had some Christmas cheer in these difficult times we find ourselves in.

We have been keeping quite quiet on the internet just like our Hostas we have been waiting for the eruption of the new year. Behind the scenes we have been looking after our new collections of Hostas. We currently have over 2,000 plants tucked up for the winter across 2 sites in Taunton, and 1 at Milverton. We have about 500 small/miniatures (with some starting to grow already!), with the rest being the larger varieties.

We now have over 130 varieties, many of them available for sale, whilst the remaining we are building up stock and bringing on for another year.

Some highlights for this coming year:

  • Allow pre-arranged visits to our Milverton site.
  • Upgrade and improve our website.
  • Increase the amount of information available to our customers and friends.
  • Covid permitting attend several plant fairs in the South West.
  • A monthly competition during the growing season.

As mentioned before some of our Hostas are champing at the bit. Here is Hosta Ballerina getting ready to unfurl it’s leaves. I haven’t had any Hostas out at this time of year before most surprise!