Taunton Flower Show 2023

Well there we have it, we have finished the Taunton Flower Show 2023. Was very busy, spoke to loads of lovely people and enjoyed the faces and watching the youngsters enjoying the display.

This is what awaited us on day one.
Tour of our Display

11 Days till Taunton Flower Show

Only 11 days to go until the Taunton Flower Show. We will be in the Floral Marquee this year and will be producing a 3m x 3m display with lots of Hostas, a rather special water feature and a few more things for you to see. Here is a photo of some of the items.

Great News

Just had it confirmed that we will be attending the RHS Malvern Autumn Show in September, so we will be in the Floral Marquee with a 3m x 3m display, so look forward to seeing you there!

Some of the plants back at Taunton being prepared for the Taunton Flower Show Display.

Busy Year so far

Thought it was about time to do an update as it has been busy since Devon County Show. Since then we have done the Royal Bath and West, Hellens Garden Festival and Abbotsbury Rare plant fair. We have also had some wonderful visits to our Milverton site out in the woods. We are currently preparing plants and materials ready for the Taunton Flower Show at the beginning of August, hopefully meet many more of you there.

Preparing for Devon County Show 2023

Well here we are at the Devon County Show, which begins tomorrow. Some photos of testing and setup. We are taking a small 1m x 0.8m display with us to show off some of the plants. I will be giving a talk each day of the county show in the Garden and Crafts Pavilion, so the more the merrier.

Work at our Devon Site

Been working hard at our Devon site getting cutting paths and getting an area prepared ready for planting some of our Hostas in the ground.