August 2nd 2020 Pictures of new Hostas

Well as promised here are some photographs about receiving a shipment from our supplier. We took lots of photographs, so I won’t put all on as it would be like watching paint dry. I’ll show you how they arrive, and then putting 2 varieties in their pots. You’re so Vain and Sapphire Pillows.

August 1st 2020 Potting up small Hostas

Well as promised here are some of the photographs of the Patriots after doing their 2 week time in the propagator. They have all now been planted on into new 1 Litre Pots. We will keep a close eye on them and see how they develop. Their slots have now been taken up with a divided Limey Lisa, some remnants of Rock Island Line, 1 remaining section of Patriot and a Krossa Regal.

August 1st 2020 – finished potting up

Well there we have it. Finished potting up the delivery. Over 160 plants. It turned out that in the end only 1 bundle of Whirlwinds was damaged, and a little damage here and there, so a much better result than the expected 5 sets. I’ll put some photographs here later after a sit down and a cup of coffee. Mike

Hostas Finally here!

Hostas finally arrived at 5.45pm. We have managed to pot on about a third of them, but time is running out. The box received was damaged and 5 of the bundles of Hostas have been damaged so we won’t be able to place them for sale this year, but I am confidant that we can nurse them over the winter and they will make wonderful plants next year.

July 31st 2020 Waiting for Delivery

While I wait for the delivery, thought I’d give you a little sneak peak into something we are working on. This is a small new fully formed Patriot waiting in the propagator ready for potting up. Once we get the delivery sorted I’ll put some more photographs of some of the newly formed Hostas.