September 14th Milverton Site Upgrades

As you know we have been working hard over the last few weeks upgrading the enclosures for the Hostas at our Milverton site. So I have attached some before and after pictures to give you some idea.
We originally had some enclosures on the ground with membrane on the ground and shade netting to protect the plants.
We have been creating pallet tables to lift them off the ground and doubling our capacity for Hostas ready for the new arrivals coming over the next few months.
An additional advantage of the tables is to allow the ducks to range underneath the Hostas looking for any tasty morcels that may snack on our plants.

August 13th Propagator Plants

Here are 2 new photographs of a small cutting from the propagator. Originally this was a stem with some leaf of a Krossa Regal which had the tiniest bit of node at the end of it. Now you can see that the stem as died completely back and the resultant node has grown a new growth shoot. In the propagator it looked like a dead stem, once we removed the module low and behold a lovely new plantlet. This is now going back into the propagator for a few more days to strengthen up and then we will bring out and pot on.

August 8th Praying Hands

Another one of the new arrivals is Praying Hands looks more like a clump of grass than the traditional Hosta with its glossy green twisted leaves on upright stems with a very narrow white border. This makes a very striking unusual sight when several are grouped together.
Flower: Lavender
Height: 100cm
Spread: 120cm
Position: Sun, Partial Shade

August 7th Rock Island Line

Thought I’d start introducing some of the new additions we have received. This is another nice little Hosta which looks great in person – Rock Island Line. It has started to settle down after we received them a week ago and potted them up.
Hosta Rock Island Line is a tiny Hosta with sharp contrasting creamy white margin. Leaves are slightly shiny on the top, flat, ovate, rounded at base, with green stems. This is a great grower and is ideal for ground coverage or in pots.
Flower: Lavender
Height: 15 – 20cm
Spread: 30 – 40cm
Position: Partial Shade