Reviewing 2023 Part 2

Looking back on 2023, the next major event for us was attending and putting together a small display for the Devon County Show.

This was our first floral marquee, normally we end up outside and I particularly remember one event where we were almost blown away. Couldn’t put up a pergola as it was too windy and we had to use the banners as wind breaks to protect us and the plants. Needless to say we didn’t rush back to that one again.

The Devon Show was a wonderful experience where we didn’t have to worry about the weather. We were going to put a display on, but there was some confusion about the booking and so we took a small 1m x 1m display and some more tables, and so we weren’t judged.

We did several talks over the 2 days, a bit different from the one we did at Tobeys Gardenfest at Powderham Castle where we were stuck on stage with a short lead for the microphone and ended up throwing the samples into the audience to willing participants. I should be quite clear we didn’t throw the gravel sample as that would have been asking too much.