Review of 2023 Part 3.

Looking back on 2023 part 3. The next major event of the year was Taunton Flower Show #TauntonFS held at the beginning of August. This was important to us for lots of reasons. It is the oldest flower show in the country, and the second oldest one in the world behind San Francisco. It was first held in 1831.

This was also an important event to us as we had won the Bellman memorial cup the previous year, this was the first time we would be undertaking a 3m x 3m island display, and finally it is our local show.

The ideas and preparation for this event had begun before Christmas 2022, where the theme of the display was picked by the family. We had always wanted an element of fun in any display that we were going to do, so the theme was The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland.

You won’t believe how much research went into this project. We looked into operating teapots with running water, props, china, cutlery, and I won’t tell how much selection was made on the material for the Hats and table cloth for the table.
As part of our research we were lucky to meet a local artist who does stunning bronze sculptures and water pieces. James Coplestone from Robert James Workshop #robertjamesltd. We loved his work so much we purchased a small piece and he allowed us a loan of his wonderful Mad Hatter water feature.

Taunton Flower Show is a 2 day event, we had a truly brilliant first day with loads of children and adults alike enjoying our display. And I can remember the reactions of several of the visitors vividly, even now as I write this. So I think we managed to achieve one of James’ sayings “Let us enchant you!”

On the Second day we certainly had quite an experience. There was a big storm, lots of wind. People being ushered out of the Marquee as lights and sides of it came tumbling down. The marshals did a great job of keeping everyone safe. Something else to remember! So overall we had a wonderful time, a memorable time and by the way we got a Gold.