Checking after the flooding

Did the inspection rounds as the flooding had prevented me from visiting our Milverton and Clayhanger Sites.

We start feeding the birds this time of year, especially when it gets colder and they were waiting for me.

The #hostas have all been put to bed over the last week or two, as part of this process we get to check the growth of them and there are some really good looking Empress Wu, Big Daddy, Formal Attire, Silver Wedding, Sea Dream, Queen of the Seas, Wundergolds looking very good for next year. Lots of other ones are doing well, but I particularly noted these. Also funnily enough our Hosta Big Boys are still hanging on!

At the Clayhanger site had to run the tractor for a while to keep it turning over and clear up and put on their sides some Dahlias.

Next year looks really exciting.