A brilliant recommendation

We received an absolutely brilliant recommendation from one of our customers:

Dear Mike
I was delighted at your recommendation of hosta varieties for my garden and I attach a couple of pictures to show our planting scheme.
One. The location was a new paving edge where we now have 3 different Hosta species displaying interesting characteristics and they make such a positive statement to what was otherwise a boring edge. We have additionally found some beautiful stones to add visual interest along with a redundant chimney pot.
Straight after planting we can see that is has great impact.
Two. The secret corner in our garden shows two established hostas from you along with 3 new ones which will become our Hosta garden. Once again we were guided by you not to be tempted to put them in a straight line and to vary the leaf patterns for maximum effect. It will soon become a very showy section at a cost which didn’t break the bank.