New Hostas from a UK Supplier

Recently went and picked up shipment of Hostas from the other side of the Country. Some beautiful specimens. A list of some of them, Lakeside Spellbinder, Dinner Jacket, Designer Genes, First Frost, Patriots, Paradigm, amongst other ones.

The Hosta Mice are waking up!

Several of the Mouse Hostas have woken up and are starting to show their colours, Funny Mouse, Smiling Mouse, Mousecapades and You’re so Vein. Hopefully the others will be coming soon Blue Mouse Ears, Ruffled Mouse, Snow Mouse, and Dancing Mouse.

The Bluebells have arrived.

Checked on the hostas today at our Milverton site. Garlic spraying and checking for slugs and snails. Came across a very nice surprise, our first flower on our Bluebells. I normally get the feeling spring has arrived once I see them. Not sure how they will feel though with the weather forecast for this week!

The Hostas are waking up.

The Hostas at our Milverton Site waking up. This is a selection of photographs of them after they had their garlic spray. Canadian Blues, Francee, So Sweet, Lakeside Cha Cha, Summer Fragrance, Wide Brim, Halcyon, Devon Greens, Patriots, Frances Williams, Krossa Regals, Elegans, and many, many more.